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Seamless Truss Cover

Ubisoft, 2011
Credit: BlackOut Design
Ubisoft, 2011



The Seamless Truss Cover TrusSleeve is made from 100% Trevira CS. It allows you to cover truss faster. No more tape, velcro nor straps needed. You just have to slide it on. It can be perforated and without the need for a sewn edge finish, as it won’t unravel when cut. It is easy to wash and re-use. It is permanently flame retardant. It meets the strictest fire safety standards and retains FR levels even after washing.

The Seamless Truss Cover TrusSleeve fits a variety of shapes and sizes of truss with ease. It provides an attractive cover for hiding cables. It transforms trusses into gorgeous pillars for lighting and provides a great surface for video projection and mapping.

The product is available in three sizes: 12/12, 16/16 and 20/20 and are available in white, grey and black sold or rent by the running foot and/or full box (approx. 62 yard). Other colors are available by special order.

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